And… it’s Sanctimonial Sunday again!

One of the most popular explanations of God actually revolves around an elephant. There’s an elephant in the room and you have several blind people who are forced to be in one spot examining, from their vantage point, what the elephant is like. One blind person feels the snout and declares that an elephant is like a long vacuum hose with a pig snout. Another one by the legs says that it’s like a tree trunk. The other one feels the bristly tail and declares that an elephant is like a paintbrush. So, they argue, from their own particular vantage point, about what the elephant is truly like.

Of course, we having sight, know that an elephant is much bigger than that and that, while it contains several of those aspects, that’s not what an elephant is. An elephant is something greater than all those individual attributes. It’s… an elephant. Of course, this is a bad definition, but it is quite individual in its existence.

Same with God. It’s really hard to tell, with our vantage point and stuck in our position in which time is a real thing that moves in real ways, what God must be like, for He doesn’t have that problem. He exists in eternity and we do not. How can we shift our paradigm to really understand God?

But yet, we know that one day, we will see. Just as He promised, the blind will see, so we too will be able to understand and know God. And this is a blessing.