About the Comic

The comic started in a genetics class, in which the virtues of genetics impacting beta-folded proteins were extolled in quite a glorious manner. A butterfly and a moth were doodled absentmindedly into the margins of Karina’s notebook, and Moth and Myth was born.

Because doodling is fun.

Moth and Myth in its pure, unedited glory. Because doodling is fun.

The comic might not have come into existence were it not for the harassment of several English nerds, who wanted Karina to write a novel for National Writing Month (henceforth called Nanowrimo). When these English nerds attacked Karina and demanded to know what her novel was about, she quickly made a lame excuse and said that, since a picture was worth a thousand words, she would make fifty comics for Nanowrimo. She made fifty comics, and liked it so much, she continued the endeavor.

The comic sometimes has a plot, but mostly it’s just random things that amuse Karina. She’s easily amused, as you can probably guess.


About Karina

Karina is not about to run for president. This is a fact that gives many people comfort as she can be highly contradictory at times, most notably in her simultaneous love for both pigs and bacon.

Karina grew up on Looney Tunes and Calvin and Hobbes, where she learned the practical value of TNT and terrorizing baby sitters, all in the name of comedy. Later on, she was trained as a biochemical engineer and secretly dabbled in the whacky world of writing before turning to cartooning. In her spare time that is not spent making silly comics or frying bacon, she works tirelessly in her secret laboratory trying to create the perfect human.

She lives with her incredibly patient husband, her nocturnal baby, and psychotic cat.

cat in the box

The look of pure evil.