I love listening to the Dave Ramsey show. My husband thinks I’m obsessed, honestly, but that’s okay because he’s the one who introduced me to the show, so it’s his fault anyway. Now, whenever my baby hears a debt-free scream, she drops whatever she’s doing (no, literally, she’ll drop her toys), give a huge smile, and start clapping along. It’s the cutest thing ever. She also likes to dance along with the bumper music.

But, honestly, the show is just so good and inspirational and it makes you wants you to get out of debt… now! Even to the point of ridiculousness. (My family thinks we’re weird since we glory in the fact that we bought a perfectly working used gas stove for $50 instead of going to the store and buying a new one like normal people. But come on. That was an amazing find!)

Anyway. I’m not joking when I tell you not to actually do this drinking game. You will die. And that will make me sad.