It always seems strange to me (and a little sad) that I can be so fidgety and ready to get out and move, but as soon as some sort of screen is placed in front of me, I am immediately pacified. Who needs to go out and do something, after all, when you have a screen that can entertain you for hours upon end?

During last Lent, in which I gave up mindless social media surfing (which is a bad habit of mine), I accomplished so many things. I made curtains, started knitting a blanket, figured out how to balance finances, learned how to cook many different tasty things with low sugar, and a bunch of other neat things that a heavily pregnant lady could do. It made me realize how much time I waste in front of screens everyday.

Mind you, screens are not bad by themselves, but there is a lot of virtue and value in getting out and doing something every once in a while.