So! A lot of fancy improvements have been done to this website, and I am just bursting to tell you about all of them! What can I say? It was a lot of work to do and I’m proud of the results!

1. Moth and Myth now works on mobile devices!

For a long time, it didn’t, though I didn’t realize this until just recently. (In my defense, I am a dinosaur that barely knows how to use a smart phone.) So, with lots of trial and error, this was finally sorted out. Thank you so much to my brother, who patiently tested out the website on his smartphone over and over again and to the kind folks at YWS, who alerted me about this problem and confirmed my brother’s results. I really appreciate all the hard work that you did!

2. Commenting is now updated and better than ever!

If you’ve ever tried to comment on a comic previously, you probably noticed that it wasn’t very easy to do since it was using an outdated system. Now, it is much easier! You can either comment by putting in your email address, like usual, or you can comment with one click by using your Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, or Google+ account. It’s all integrated!

3. Liking system is now in place!

Yes! You can like comics now! Below each blog entry is a like button, which you can press, if you choose to do so.

4. Subscribe for updates!

Somebody requested this, so there is now a way to subscribe for updates via email! Just look to the menu on the right for more details.


There are several hundred comics so far, so it can be difficult to read through them in one sitting, so I added a bookmark tool. If you click on it, when/if you come back, you can go right back to where you bookmarked it. This is also on the right menu.

6. Comics are easier to flip through!

The two major stories (Christmas Special 2010 and The Bet) have been completely separated from the rest of the comics, so if you’re browsing backwards on the usual comics, you won’t encounter any of those stories. But, never fear! If, for some reason, you want to read these stories, just go to the Archives and you’ll easily be able to access those stories!

7. Comics have correct dates on them!

Previously, the comics had strange dates on them from when my website crash and I had to reload everything. This usually didn’t matter, but for some of the comics that were relevant to current events at the time (like thisthis, and that) it felt a bit odd. So, now everything is sorted out.

And… that’s it!

So, please enjoy!